Radio Planning & Spectrum Management Web Application

Spectrum-E heralds the beginning of advanced radio frequency planning, spectrum management, coverage prediction generation, and interference analysis in the online environment. Featuring a robust web-based architecture, Spectrum-E allows for extensive customization, portability, and computing power. With a web-connected device, users can access the system nearly anywhere, providing the user with the ability to conduct immediate on-site analysis with near real-time results.

ICS Telecom

Technical Spectrum Management

ICS Telecom is ATDI's modeling platform for planning telecommunication networks and managing frequency spectrum. It focuses on the network design needs for commercial operators, spectrum regulators, equipment manufacturers, and consultants. One of ICS Telecom's main strengths is in the modeling of heterogeneous networks with dedicated features and functions.

ICS Telecom is the key package in a planner’s toolkit. It is capable of modeling any size of radio system from intensive local area to extensive countrywide. ICS Telecom enables the planning engineer to develop large wide-area networks rapidly and economically. ICS Telecom has features and functions that support all modern radio networks, both fixed and mobile, and across the frequency range 10 kHz to 450 GHz.

HTZ Warfare

Communication Electronic Warfare

HTZ Warfare is ATDI's flagship RF network design and spectrum management software product that specializes in both pre-deployment and real-time simulation and analysis of military tactical communications. HTZ Warfare offers direction finding, jamming, and radar features and functions that are typically not required by a civilian user.

HTZ Warfare features a comprehensive set of radio planning capabilities that enables the design and optimization of military communication networks for frequencies ranging from 10 kHz up to 450GHz. Unique electronic warfare and tactical communications functions allow accurate simulation of the battlefield for advanced mission planning.

ICS Map Server

Digital Cartography

ICS Map Server is the GIS management companion tool to ATDI's RF modeling software HTZ Warfare and ICS Telecom. ICS Map Server's main focus is on converting public or private source raster and vector based GIS information into ATDI's proprietary cartographic formats which include terrain, imagery, clutter, and building footprint information. The tool may also be used to create and alter maps for use within HTZ Warfare and ICS Telecom.

ICS Manager

Automated Spectrum Management

ICS Manager is ATDI’s expansive software dedicated to advanced RF spectrum management. As a synthetic tool, ICS Manager enables the user to validate new services against ITU, regional, and national plans, manage administrative processes, make billing calculations, optimize frequency sharing and reuse, efficiently share information between administrators, engineers, and outside users (if desired), and to provide secure administrative and technical data storage.


Pivotal to the strategic deployment, management, and analysis of a network is complete and accurate mapping information. With over 18 years of digital cartographic experience, ATDI has accumulated a sizeable worldwide cartographic data library. That data is stored on ATDI’s large-scale servers.

The ATDI mapping department can produce or convert private and public source raster and vector based GIS information into the terrain, imagery, clutter, and building files used by ATDI software.


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